LoadMan for Windows

Is a universal ship loading software which allows users to input ships particulars and tables for various data sets. It comprises of two modules. One is the FleetMan which runs to accept ships data and LoadMan which calculates stability, longitudinal strengths, draft surveys, various trimming methods, etc. Designed for use by ship officers, shore based cargo planners and ship management companies for bulk carriers, general cargo, log/timber, car carriers, ro-ro, containers, multi-purpose, reefer or tanker vessels of any length and size. 

The major functions of LoadMan are:

  • Stability and Trim Pre-Planning
  • Control of Intact Stability against IMO Requirements
  • Draft Survey Report with Sounding Report
  • Shear Force and Bending Moments over ship's length, capable of solving 15 types of SFBM calculation methods depending on the shipbuilders
  • Load Vs. Draft
  • Grains Calculations (Common Form, NCB, Canadian and AMSA)
  • Tanker Calculations and Reports (Ullage tables, API Tables, using 6A, 6B, 54A & 54B, Chemical, L.P.G., V.E.F. and Wedge)
  • Container Loading (Graphic input)
  • Loading Sequence
  • Cargo Distribution
  • Remaining Cargo Based on Midship Draft
  • Balance of Cargo to Meet the Loadline Limits
  • Propeller Immersion
  • Air Draft for Height of Hatches
  • Interpolation

Various Trimming methods:

  • Even Keel on Arrival
  • Trimming with Moderate and Large Weights
  • Change in Draft due to Change in Density
  • Final Trim (To adjust trim using (2) specified compartments)
  • Auto trim

(Move the mouse pointer on each LoadMan functions stated above to see the screenshots.)