Pocket LoadMan

Is a handheld version of the LoadMan software intended for desktop computers. Designed for use by ship's officers and shore based cargo planners, Pocket LoadMan provides powerful stability and trim calculation programs while it gives all the comfort of being handy.

FleetMan module allows the user to enter specific information and values on pre-configured forms, namely: 

  • General and principal particulars 
  • Freeboard table, propeller immersion and origin of longitudinal measurements 
  • Cargo spaces (Holds/Tanks) 
  • Non-cargo compartments 
  • Hydrostatic tables 
  • Cross-curves of stability 
  • Grain Loading data 

This version of FleetMan module is designed for all kinds of cargo ships, of any length and size.

LoadMan module allows user to:

  • Calculate Loading condition. 
  • Calculate drafts (fore, aft and mean), displacement, trim and propeller immersion ratio.
  • Calculate KG, GM, GZ-Curve and control of intact stability against IMO requirements.
  • View a graphical display of stability calculation.
  • Calculate draft survey reports.
  • Calculate new drafts when shifting to water on different density.
  • Calculate trim and drafts when loading, discharging or shifting weights.
  • Calculate to adjust for trim using two(2) specified compartments.
  • Calculate Balance of Cargo to meet Loadline limits
  • Calculate departure trim to arrive at even keel drafts
  • Calculate Grain Stability
  • Calculate Tanker cargo volumes, etc.
  • Auto Trim, Air Draft and Interpolation

Pocket LoadMan may be complimented by a desktop software, Pocket LoadMan Conduit. This software is a package separate from Pocket LoadMan. It enables the user to synchronize his loading and draft survey files created in the Pocket PC device, with a desktop computer. In this way he may see the loading condition and draft survey files in a larger screen and be able to print them. The additional feature of the conduit is that it calculates and prints the Shear Force and Bending Moments calculation.