Pocket BridgeMan

Is the Pocket PC version of the BridgeMan® software designed for desktop computers. Intended for use by ship’s officers and leisure navigators, Pocket BridgeMan provides most of the useful functions of the BridgeMan® while it gives all the comfort of being handy.

-Calculate courses and distances
-Create and allow printing of voyage plans
-Aid in Plotting of course line
-Show Celestial Almanac for all navigational bodies up to year 2499
-Determine position by Celestial Navigation and prints plots of observation
-Determination of compass errors
-Identification of celestial bodies
-Predict Sunrise, sunsets, etc. of all navigational bodies
-Solve ETA and Required Speed
-Calculate Noon Reports
-Predict and print Height of Tides for all ports listed in the Admiralty Tide Tables.
-Predict and print Tidal Streams to all stations listed in the Admiralty Tide Tables.
-Solve Miscellaneous Calculations

Pocket BridgeMan is paired with a desktop software called Pocket BridgeMan Sync. This is a conduit that allows printing of voyage plans, celestial observation, tidal and tidal stream predictions that are calculated in the device. It also helps, for convenience, in inputting and editing the tidal data instead of doing it in the device.


(Move the mouse pointer on each Pocket BridgeMan functions stated above to see the screenshots.)