Pocket LoadMan Conduit

Pocket LoadMan conduit is also a desktop software of which purpose is to read loading conditions made by Pocket LoadMan. These conditions, when opened, can be viewed and printed. The printouts include the loading distribution, stability summary, shear force and bending moments, grain calculations in NCB, Canadian and AMSA formats, as well as draft survey reports

Pocket FleetMan Conduit

Is a desktop software designed to retrieve and edit ship’s data inputted in Pocket FleetMan. Its main purpose is to relieve the user from the difficulty of inputting  ship’s data into the Pocket PC device, which has a very small display area. These data can be printed for easy checking. However, it is more than just a program for editing data made in the Pocket PC device, it can also be used as a stand alone program capable of making data for use by Pocket LoadMan. Not all of the data made in this conduit are for use by Pocket LoadMan. Some of these data are saved in the desktop PC to be used in tandem with the data from the palm device. These data are just too huge to be downloaded to the Pocket PC device. These are:

  • Tables of Volume, Center of Gravity and Inertia of Holds and Tanks
  • Shear Force and Bending Moment Data
  • Data for Severe Wind and Rolling Criterion
  • Other pieces of data that the Pocket LoadMan does not use but needed by Pocket LoadMan conduit.



Preplanning Windows Display and Print-outs

Intact Stability Display and Print-outs

Shearforce and Bending Moment display and Print-outs

Draft survey Reports and Print-outs